Utilities – Open Source Software Reviews

There are an almost infinite amount of open source projects as new ones start every day. Here is a list of open source technologies that I have used and reviewed on this Tech Blog: How to Install Google Chrome on Fedora 18 GRUB Rescue | Repair MBR | Master Boot Record Clonezilla | Disk Cloning […]

Paste to Terminal in Linux | Paste to cmd.exe Windows

This is not a very long article, but hopefully it rises to the top quick and is helpful. How to Paste to Terminal in Linux Answer: SHIFT+Insert How to Paste to cmd | command in Windows Answer: ALT+SPACE,e,p The windows command really just keystrokes the menu. There is a hotkey fix method that you could […]

SQL QUERY | Sum Values by Group in Access 2010

I have been working with Access a lot lately. In my last project I was working with a table that contained 1.4 million records with count values by US States. I needed run a graph based on the sum of values for each state. My original table looked like this: Table: States   State Value […]

How to Install Google Chrome on Fedora 18

Linux is one of my favorite operating systems. I say ‘Linux’ non specifically because I find all distributions fascinating. I recently installed Fedora 18 on one of my old hard drives and have been playing around. I am still relatively new to Linux and I have been trying to learn it as both a systems […]

GRUB Rescue | Repair MBR | Master Boot Record

Since my GRUB Rescue issue, I have been advancing my understanding of storage partitioning and boot methods. A while back I had acquired an old laptop with Windows Vista installed. I cleaned everything up for my purposes and decided to install a dual boot Kubuntu environment. Original: How to Reinstall Kubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot on […]

Hirens Boot CD | PC Recovery Tools

Hiren's Boot CD Logo

Sometimes working through Windows to fix a problem is not an option. With limited permissions and locked files it can be impossible to access what you need to fix. Sometimes you are left with no other option than to boot to a live CD operating system. This is where Hirens Boot CD comes into play. […]