Utilities – Open Source Software Reviews

There are an almost infinite amount of open source projects as new ones start every day. Here is a list of open source technologies that I have used and reviewed on this Tech Blog: How to Install Google Chrome on Fedora 18 GRUB Rescue | Repair MBR | Master Boot Record Clonezilla | Disk Cloning […]

Paste to Terminal in Linux | Paste to cmd.exe Windows

This is not a very long article, but hopefully it rises to the top quick and is helpful. How to Paste to Terminal in Linux Answer: SHIFT+Insert How to Paste to cmd | command in Windows Answer: ALT+SPACE,e,p The windows command really just keystrokes the menu. There is a hotkey fix method that you could […]

SQL QUERY | Sum Values by Group in Access 2010

I have been working with Access a lot lately. In my last project I was working with a table that contained 1.4 million records with count values by US States. I needed run a graph based on the sum of values for each state. My original table looked like this: Table: States   State Value […]

How to Install Google Chrome on Fedora 18

Linux is one of my favorite operating systems. I say ‘Linux’ non specifically because I find all distributions fascinating. I recently installed Fedora 18 on one of my old hard drives and have been playing around. I am still relatively new to Linux and I have been trying to learn it as both a systems […]

GRUB Rescue | Repair MBR | Master Boot Record

Since my GRUB Rescue issue, I have been advancing my understanding of storage partitioning and boot methods. A while back I had acquired an old laptop with Windows Vista installed. I cleaned everything up for my purposes and decided to install a dual boot Kubuntu environment. Original: How to Reinstall Kubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot on […]