Download Outlook Calendar VBA Example

Wow time is flying! Looks like my last post was in June! I built this example due to frustration. I was trying to find a way to look at and manipulate appointments in my Outlook calendar for a three month time span. The tool that I built, ultimately loaded the pulled outlook calendar items into […]

Create a Folder For Every Tuesday for One Year

I honestly have no idea how much traffic this article is going to get. I wanted to post it simply because I thought it was neat. This script was designed to automatically generate a folder name of ‘mmddyyyy’ for every Tuesday date of a year that a user inputs. This script can be copied and pasted […]

How to Find Fourth Thursday of November in VBA

I recently built a project where I had to count business days by excluding weekends and US Federal holidays. In my previous post: , my example used hard-coded dates. This new example can be adapted and re-coded to find the date of any specific weekday or holiday of the year without the need to hard-code. […]

How to Connect to Access Database with VBScript


I am posting this one because it took me a little while to find a solid solution. Everything I found had an answer, just not an answer that works. With this solution, you will be able to connect to and pull data from an MS Access database with VBScript. So without further ado, here is […]

Why Don’t My Columns Add in Excel?

There are many ways an end user can run into this problem. One of the most common causes that I have seen is when pasting data. Enter the Datatype Sometimes when data is pasted, no matter if it is in a number format from the original source – it can be pasted as text or […]