Why Don’t My Columns Add in Excel?

There are many ways an end user can run into this problem. One of the most common causes that I have seen is when pasting data. Enter the Datatype Sometimes when data is pasted, no matter if it is in a number format from the original source – it can be pasted as text or […]

Crack Microsoft Excel Password Free | Excel 2007, 2010, 2013


It is always annoying when forgetting passwords. It is also annoying when you inherit a document from a previous employee and it is protected by a password only they knew. But your boss asked for you to get the data from that spreadsheet and change some things and Right now! What are you going to […]

Import Excel File to Access 2010, 2013 With File Dialog in VBA

Import Excel File into Access 2010, 2013 with VBA File Dialog

I have been working with a lot of excel spreadsheets lately. In most cases, I have found that the most simple approach has been to load spreadsheets into Access tables and slice/dice data with SQL queries. I have one spreadsheet in particular that is standardized and updated daily. By quickly loading and running saved queries, […]

Access 2010, 2013 VBA Run SQL Return Results

Sometimes when developing automation with VBA in Access, it is important to return results from a SQL query string. For simplicity, all examples have been written as Functions. Please feel free to modify as needed. Recordset Selection in VBA | Select One Record There are many reasons why a developer would want to return only […]

Crack Microsoft Word Password Free

So you recently took over a project and as the new lead you need to change some content in a key process document. After you open the document, you find out that it is read only and protected by a password from the last guy who is no longer there… What??? Anyway, I realize that there are […]