Import Multiple Spreadsheets into Access | File Dialog VBA

Sometimes it would be great to combine a bunch of spreadsheets into one table. When working with consolidated spreadsheet data, be sure to manage duplicates. To import multiple spreadsheets into Access with VBA, there are a few housekeeping items that must be completed. First, you need to make sure that the data structure for all […]

VBA Export to CSV From SQL With Save-As in Access

Although not as common as exporting to Excel, some projects may have a need to export in .csv format. Here is my solution. VBA Export With User Defined SQL Query This example uses the QueryDef function. Basically, the user passes a SQL query in, the file dialog prompts for where to save-as and the export […]

Create a Folder For Every Tuesday for One Year

I honestly have no idea how much traffic this article is going to get. I wanted to post it simply because I thought it was neat. This script was designed to automatically generate a folder name of ‘mmddyyyy’ for every Tuesday date of a year that a user inputs. This script can be copied and pasted […]

How to Find Fourth Thursday of November in VBA

I recently built a project where I had to count business days by excluding weekends and US Federal holidays. In my previous post: , my example used hard-coded dates. This new example can be adapted and re-coded to find the date of any specific weekday or holiday of the year without the need to hard-code. […]

Simple Mortgage Calculator Function | Excel, Access VBA

There are a lot of ways to calculate a mortgage payment in Excel. I honestly haven’t made any attempts to calculate a mortgage payment in Access using standard functions. There has to be a way, but for fun, I thought that I would share a simple function. To use this function, insert it into a […]

File Dialog Save-As in VBA Export Table by Name | Microsoft Access

Sometimes it is necessary to export a table to create a backup, share data with a team member, or whatever… Here is how you export a table using the File Dialog object in Access with VBA. This example will work in Access 2007 – 2013. UPDATE 02/16/2015: Added reusable code for file save-as dialog box. […]